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We believe that human resources management without commitment to safety in the work environment is not complete. That is why at PCS Safety, Inc. we believe safety in the workplace must be a top of mind aspects of running a business in California.

We believe that the perfect solution to your workplace safety requirements is one that understand well the unique challenges you face in your organization. Hence, we feel there should be no more one size-fits all safety services and training.

Trusted Partner in Solving Your Problems

Our unique focus in human resources management and consulting, as well as workplace safety has served us well in the industry. Our clients approach us for our services not because they are affordable. Our customers trusted PCS Safety, Inc. because we stand apart from other companies providing similar services. We serve the California counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura.

Founded by HR and Safety Experts for HR

Tell us what workplace safety challenges and issues you faced. Our solutions will help solve your biggest safety and healthful challenges. We tap highly-experienced professionals in this field to help you drive smarter decisions related to HR, workplace safety, and compliance to federal law requirements.

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