Many of our clients partner with us to develop and implement effective health and safety program. They approach PCS Safety, Inc., not only for our cost-effective workplace safety solutions but for our comprehensive programs that run the range and encompass all areas involved in workplace health and safety field.

Once we agreed on the terms of our partnership, we never settle for anything less to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. From making sure that we provide you everything you need to maximize your efforts, we stop at nothing to exceed your expectation for effective solutions.

We tap highly-trained and highly-experienced workplace safety experts, instructors, and safety inspectors to give you the best service. We understand the different regulations and workplace safety services that we can utilize to address your operational needs.

From here, we know which programs and services are tailored to you, ensuring the full satisfaction of your regulatory needs. We are confident that we can help you manage, monitor and resolve any regulatory issues you face so that you can pass OSHA and other regulatory inspections.

Services We Offer

To learn more how PCS Safety, Inc. can help you, check below our services:

While many businesses may already be operating long enough in California, many do not fully understand what OSHA and Cal OSHA regulation actually requires and how to apply it to various types of operations.

At PCS Safety, Inc., we treat each safety compliance issues as a big deal, knowing that the toll of not certifying employees to do the types of work that you want them to do can be costly and risky.

Our safety compliance solution at PCS Safety, Inc. is simple and affordable. From reliable safety consulting to safety training, we make sure that no matter what stage your safety program is in, we will provide you with the support you need.

Our work start when we send to your area our safety professionals to conduct risk assessments, and prepare the recommendation for your program safety effort. We will tailor our consulting services to the intricacies of your business.

We can also help you address your safety training compliance requirements. Our instructors are experts in safety hazards in the workplace who can render their expertise in improving the efficiency of the workplace.

At PCS Safety, Inc., our simple mantra is this: workplace safety does not have to be complex. Developing an effective Safety Program

requires calculated and careful steps in ensuring workplace safety.

We can help you with your Cal OSHA compliance by assisting you with the following services:

  • Conducting site safety audits
  • Assisting in creation of safety procedures and manuals
  • Drafting the procedures for hazardous waste handling and disposal
  • Distributing posters and other required printouts pertaining to OSHA compliance

We tap industry experts in first aid training to give you peace of mind in today’s corporate environment. The federal law and state standards requires organizations to ensure the different aspects of first aid program in your work environment.

PCS Safety, Inc. is a trusted training partner that can provide your employees with the required first aid skills and capability. We have highly-trained first aid instructors who can give your employees basic CPR refresher to in-depth Occupational First Aid programs.

OSHA requires all employees to give their employees the proper first aid training that meets OSHA compliance. At PCS Safety, Inc., you can enroll your employees to our on-site safety training or online safety training program.

Once we talk about your context, we will know right away what kind of first aid safety training we should offer you. We can also customize the training based on your circumstances. If you have employees who work on multiple shifts, facilities, and locations, give us a call so we can adjust our training to suit your  requirements.

Having an Injury and Illness Prevention Program is crucial in fostering safety for your organization for the benefit of your employees and guests. It is not enough that you have a safety program that meets the California Code of Regulations requirements, it must be practiced in your organization and your staff fully understand the requirements.

We, at PCS Safety, Inc., can help you complete all the crucial elements of your IIP Safety Program requirements, from the identification of the key responsibilities, managing the assignment of responsibilities, preparing a communication system for employees, conducting scheduled inspections, accident investigation through to record-keeping and documentation of your safety practices.

We can also assist you in administering and maintaining the safety program to be effective. Our Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Kit will prepare you and help you meet the legal requirements.

All in all, investing in your workplace safety practices can better prepare you for some unavoidable accidents, as well as unexpected inspections.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can tailor our safety services for you.

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