Cal-OSHA Compliance

States can choose to enforce their own policies that meet or exceed the Federal OSHA safety training requirements. In more ways than one, it is the California organization, Cal OSHA that enforces stricter and more severe compliance requirements.

When you are an employer who runs your business in California, you must already know of the government established Cal OSHA Compliance. You also already know that if your business has one or more employees, you are required to implement a written Safety Program.

The Safety Program or Illness and Injury Prevention Program as required by Cal OSHA Compliance must encompass the following elements:

  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Accident/Exposure Investigation
  • Hazard Correction
  • Training and Instruction
  • Record-keeping

Compliance is something every organization with one or more employees must comply with all of the above-mentioned requirements.

Here goes the realization that Cal OSHA Compliance is easier said than done. In a more detailed manner, Cal OSHA Compliance comprises of the following:

  • Procedures for identifying and evaluating hazards in the workplace
  • Scheduled and Periodic inspections to identify unsafe conditions and work practices

At PCS Safety, Inc., we feel that Cal OSHA would much rather let employers take time to hire a good health and safety consultant. The highly experienced professional consultant must know what the standards are and how these standards are being enforced in the field.


Compliance with OSHA’s Safety Training Requirements

Implementing documentable programs, such as safety policies and procedure manuals is the initial step your company need to complete to comply with OSHA’s safety training requirements.

Training materials (e.g., interactive videos, online training, and more) that address the topics required by OSHA, are vital documents that you need to prepare, as well as emergency response plans.

Avail our safety training resources to help you get started or update your current materials without breaking your bank and with little effort.

Non-Compliance Can Cost You

The neglect or risks of not establishing safety compliance that meet OSHA’s safety training requirements can of course lead to the risk of injuries and incidences for you and your employees. Costly litigation is another consequence of non-compliance, as well as OSHA fines, and decreased productivity which is bad business.

PCS Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience in terms of the number of organizations it helped meet and exceed the OSHA compliance. We provide not only training solutions for companies, but also resources for safety compliance.

Protection and Prevention of Accident

Although not all accidents can be prevented, we feel that most can be prevented with proper awareness and training. We have been helping companies create and maintain safer workplaces for all their employees.

Beyond helping prevent accidents, you can rely from our highly experienced consultants at PCS Consultants, Inc., to help you develop safe, high-quality work environments.

From boosting your employees’ knowledge and awareness of safety issues to presenting best practices to meet safety compliance requirements,we will only provide you with high quality occupational safety and health management services.

Safety and Health Services Training

Addressing your safety training compliance requirements can be time consuming and leave you resources-scarce if you are not knowledgeable enough about the Cal OSHA law.

We hire consultants who are not only trained to recognize workplace safety hazards, but our professional safety consultants can offer their expertise in improving the efficiency of your workplace.

PCS Consultants, Inc. can help you with your Cal OSHA compliance concerns by assisting you with the following matters:

  • Conducting site safety audits
  • Assisting in creation of safety procedures and manuals
  • Drafting the procedures for hazardous waste handling and disposal
  • Distributing posters and other required printouts pertaining to OSHA compliance

On-site Health and Safety Training

We can offer the following safety and health program training on your site: OSHA compliance and disaster preparedness, among many others. This is suitable for companies whose workers are located in one setting and would like to take advantage of the classroom-like presentation style: interaction, face-to-face consulting, hands-on demo, and more of the likes.

Online Health and Safety Training

Companies avail of our online training on account of the numerous challenges encountered in an on-site training. Our online training solution can ease you off of the following challenges: scheduling conflicts, space issues, location issues, and more.

PCS Consultants, Inc. offers this online health and safety training to give you an easy, accessible and affordable solution without compromising the quality of the service.

Live Webinar Health and Safety Training

An ideal solution for large companies with employees distributed in multiple locations in California and across the States, our live webinar solution packs the extensive suite of our onsite and online training to meet the Cal OSHA compliance requirements.

Our training include identifying health and safety hazards, preventing accidents, reporting health and safety hazards, and the importance of health and safety awareness in the workplace.

Thank you for visiting PCS Consultants, Inc. and we hope that you found the information you were seeking about our Cal OSHA compliance solutions.

If there is anything we can do to make your workplace safer and training better, let us know by reaching us at (866) 413-4103 or email us at

Remember, OSHA compliance is neither a luxury nor a good idea. It is the law.

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