Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

Most businesses only end up implementing prevention programs only after something – whether nonfatal workplace injuries or illness – has happened, or worst, have paid a staggering $45,000 employee injury claim, just to fix the problem.

But what is even more devastating is the high cost of litigation, which can compel the business to close shop. The sad part is that this is not fiction because this is something that happens all too often.

When you are operating a business in California, you are required by law to provide a safer and health-focused work environment for your employees. This is the law and complying to it is not optional.

But why don’t more businesses have safety programs in place? As a California employer, your company is required to have a Safety Program and your employees must know about Work Safety. The law does not give a room for ignorance and avoidance.

Our solutions at PCS Safety, Inc. are extensive and effective to help your organization minimize injury and illness problems.

Injury and Illness Prevention (IIP) Program Plan Kit

Under Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (T8CCR) Section 3203, every California employer is required to have a documentable Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

For your IIP Program to meet the California Code of Regulations, the following Injury and Illness Prevention Program elements must be present:

  • Management commitment/assignment of responsibilities
  • Safety communications system with employees
  • System for assuring employee compliance with safe work practices
  • Scheduled inspections/evaluation system
  • Accident investigation
  • Procedures for correcting unsafe/ unhealthy conditions
  • Safety and health training and instruction
  • Record-keeping and documentation

It does not end to having a written program and implementable procedure for injury and illness prevention. The law requires employers to have a program administrator and maintained by the employer to be effective.

Having an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan can ease your worries away and prepares you in the event when an employee files an injury or illness claim.

At PCS Safety, Inc., our Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Kit will help you prepare and meet the legal requirements. The first step is conducting the OSHA Inspections & Citation Representation, Citation & Appeals.

Your Injury and Illness Program must be adequate and compliant, so we will review and prepare it accordingly. We will make sure that the training and accident investigation components are effective, and if needed, even assist you with your planning and operating of a Safety Committee.

Accident Investigations

Since we cannot do anything about preventing accidents from happening completely, but we can help minimize the effects on your business and your employees.

At PCS Safety, Inc., we can help you deal with Safety and Hazard Assessment procedures, covering Safety Plans, Lock-Out and Tag-Out Plans, Prevention Plans, and more.

The next step for us is to conduct an on-site review of the causes and circumstances of an accident, and also to review the potential third-party liability. Then, we will advise you on mitigation and future prevention initiatives. Finally, we can also assist you with regard to Cal OSHA investigation or penalties.

Benefits of Safe and Healthful Work Environment

Maintaining a safe workplace presents so many benefits for your business. First and foremost, workplace safety creates an environment in which all of your employees and even visitors feel safe to carry out their tasks.

It is also financially-wise on your part when the incidents of unexpected fatal and non-fatal accidents are reduced. In turn, the compensations and other related expenses to such workplace accidents are decreased.

Adequate safety measures boost the working environment while helping your employees feel secure to work without hesitation. This means, a strong feeling of workplace safety helps improve the morale of your employees.

PCS Safety, Inc. offers safety training programs to help your employees improve their overall working conditions, and thus boost their productivity.

We provide intensive or customized programs for employers with more at stake and that need a higher level of protection. Our safety training program includes these components –

  1. Educate participants about basic proactive prevention.
  2. Provide participants with the tools for building a baseline of protection.
  3. Assist participants put in place what you need – at a bare minimum – to make sure you are protected.

Cal OSHA Safety Program Requirement

The risk of injury is reduced while workplace productivity is increased when you create the necessary document enforced by the Cal OSHA Compliance.

Since 1991, OSHA requires every employer to create and implement a Safety Program. In some independent studies conducted, OSHA has confirmed that employers who have in place a safety and health training program registered a 52 percent lower rate of ‘injury with day away’ than employers without a program.

Moreover, OSHA indicated that workplaces that establish safety and health management systems were able to reduce their injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent.

When an IIP Program is not yet implemented in your organization, you can start by creating a list of questions specific to your company and your policies. If you are unable to give responses to those questions yourself, neither your employees know the answer will be.

For those who have an IIP Program in place, reviewing the eight required elements is a great opportunity and asking those same questions about your workplace policies is important.

Tips When Reviewing IIP Program

  • Does your IIPP contain all named individuals’ contact information?
  • Does your routine communication and safety meetings documented with an agenda, staff in attendance and the date of the meeting?
  • Does your company conduct an annual review of the IIP Program to ensure compliance with Cal OSHA Guidelines and the Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations?
  • Do you state in your IIP Program where training records are kept?
  • Does your company IIP Program accessible by your employees at any time? Do you distribute the IIPP every year?

The IIPP is a safety program geared towards the promotion of a culture of safety for your organization. To be fully effective, your IIPP must be practiced in your organization and bring all your staff to understand it.

All in all, investing in Injury and Illness Prevention Program consulting services can reap your company more benefits and advantages.

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