Workplace Safety

Is Your Workplace an OSHA Nightmare?

The International Labour Organization (ILO) reported that there were more than 2.3 million deaths per year as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases. This translates to 6,300 deaths on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the ILO also reported that there were 317 million accidents that occur on the job yearly. Computing the economic impact of poor occupational safety and health practices, it is estimated that the toll to the global Gross Domestic Product is 4% annually.

In short, not only the lack of workplace safety program a disaster waiting to happen, but it is also costly. A California law requires employers to provide a safe workplace for employees to prevent any possible OSHA nightmare.

PCS Consultants, Inc. is one of the leading workplace health and safety consulting, auditing, and training solutions providers in California.

Companies must create their own Safety Plan while employees must be taught about Work Safety and we can provide you with the tools, training, and resources you need to reduce the incidence and impact of claims in your workplace

Workplace Safety Makes Good Cents

Safety compliance improves workplace productivity, reduces costs, and increases your bottomline. Data shows small businesses that are mindful of their health and safety procedures were able to reduce their injury and illness costs by 20% and even up to 40%.

Nearly 95% of businesses that enforces a well-planned health and safety programs reported the positive impact on their company’s bottomline. Many companies reported that the return-on-investment is US$3.00 for every US$1.00 invested in improving workplace safety.

Investment in health and safety is no longer viewed as a luxury and a good idea, but a key to the business’ success in the long haul.

The consequences of neglecting workplace safety include having an unhealthy and absent employees, which are costly and low morale. The higher the incidences of injury and accidents reported, the bigger the direct costs to businesses. The disadvantages include higher worker’s compensation payments, disability costs, replacement employees, equipment damage, and even lost productivity.

At PCS Consultants, Inc., we will provide you with the complete and high quality service to achieve compliance. We will go above and beyond to provide you with a safe and healthy work environment.

Workplace Safety Compliance is Good Business

Employers in California are required to ensure that their health and safety compliance programs are effective and meets the federally-mandated requirements.

PCS Consultants, Inc. offers an affordable yet time-saving solution for your workplace safety needs, helping you simplify what is otherwise a complex compliance requirements.

Understanding which regulations and workplace safety programs suit your operation is our priority. From there, we customize our safety programs and services that will fit your circumstances without compromising your regulatory compliance.

We make sure that our workplace safety services and trainings run the range and cover all the areas involved in the health and safety field. Whether or not you are in California, PCS Consultants, Inc. can help you manage, monitor, and resolve regulatory issues so that you can pass the stringent OSHA inspections with confidence, avoiding fines, citations and workplace-related injuries.

Our customers trust us for making our safety workplace services simple, practical, and affordable while helping them far exceeds the costs of their investment in workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Services

We, at PCS Consultants, Inc. offer a breadth of services to help companies navigate through the complexities of safety compliance. Here are some of the safety and health solutions that we provide:

Safety Assessments and Audits

Workplace safety regulations require employers to be proactive in undertaking effective safety management initiatives, not waiting for the next incident to occur.

That is why a thorough assessment and audit component is one of the cornerstones of workplace safety performance and compliance. When we visit your area, we will conduct a thorough audit of your prevailing safety efforts to find the weaknesses and failures before they occur.

This way, together we can develop awareness programs to prevent incidents, maintain compliance, avoid costly citations, and lower your worker’s compensation rates. More importantly, we will go above and beyond in ensuring your organization comply with local, California, and OSHA requirements.

Having a safety culture where employees and management work together to do the job both effectively and safely is also an important feature of this service.

We treat each of our client’s concerns differently, customizing safety inspection programs to ensure excellent workplace compliance service.

Need Safety Inspection? We’ve Got You Covered

At PCS Consultants, Inc., we can work with you to maintain a safer work environment. To ensure high quality service, we will send out our highly experienced safety professionals to check your facility to see compliance to OSHA regulations.

We treat each of our client’s concerns differently, customizing safety inspection programs to ensure excellent workplace compliance service.

Do You Need A Safety Consultant That Exceeds Expectations?

To kick off the project, our safety consultants will work with you to identify your company’s goals. From there, we will develop a safety project plan to meet those goals and help eliminate your company’s safety hazards.

Once we conducted the safety assessment for your organization, we will recommend compliance requirements. We will not leave you until you are satisfied with our service.

Remember, we are your safety experts who are ready to help you.

We Are Ready to Help and Solve Your Safety Problems

By partnering with us, we can help you complete a range of your health and safety workplace compliance needs. We can build a management system from scratch and also help you with some specific project.

Our health and safety consultants have the credentials and experience to bring you practical and effective guidance in solving your problems. We specialize in taking complex problems and crafting simple solutions at an affordable cost.  

At PCS Consultants, Inc., our goal is to offer organizations with high quality services and resources to ensure your employees and guests remains safe and under compliance.

If you have any questions about any of our workplace safety services, training programs, or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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