First Aid Training

First Aid Compliance for Your Workplace

Do you or your employees know what to do when an accident, even non-fatal ones, will occur or when an emergency will happen?

If someone was injured or become suddenly ill in your office, would your employees know what to do?

Since no one can predict with certainty when an emergency, an injury or even an earthquake will happen, it is important to get prepared in advance.

While not an option since it is the law, first aid compliance is one of the first major steps that you can undertake. Federal and state standards require all workplaces to maintain an adequate first aid supplies.

PCS Safety, Inc. taps highly-skilled first aid experts who are trained in providing total first aid solution from first aid compliance and training, as well as risk assessment.

First Aid Compliance: What You Need to Know

The hazards present at the work site determine the level of first-aid services your organization will need to maintain. Both the law and a good common sense dictate that a basic level of readiness is imperative.

Under the California law, the provision for first aid should include one-time treatment and follow-up for observation of minor injuries (e.g., minor cuts, abrasions, bruises, first-degree burns, sprains, and splinters).

There are two sets of first-aid standards mandated by California:

  • CA Code Regulations, Title 8 Section 1512 requires a detailed scheme for construction employees
  • CA Code Regulations, Title 8 Section 3400 is a similar but less-demanding standards for all other types of business activities

The state standards, as well as the federal standards, must be at least as stringent, covering the following areas: emergency medical services, personnel training, and first aid supplies.

First Aid Training for Workplaces

The California Code regulations require all employers to have all their staff trained to render first aid. The level of training must match to that of the American Red Cross or the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Exempted from this strict requirements are employers of non-construction companies that are near to an infirmary or clinic for first aid to be administered there.

While not explicitly stated as to the number of personnel who should undergo the training, however, the regulations imply that the number should be adequate to ensure that any employee needing first aid will be within close reach of a trained person.

Trusted First Aid Training Partner

OSHA reported that the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is between a mere 1% to 5%. Trust your training to our highly trained experts to keep your employees safe.

PCS Consultants, Inc. have been teaching First Aid and CPR since 1990. From a basic CPR refresher to an in-depth Occupational First Aid programs, we have the right training solution for your workplace.

Let PCS Safety, Inc. Train Your Employees

A certified PCS Safety, Inc. instructor will train your employees on First Aid and CPR. We make sure that our courses are comprehensive and engaging so that your employees learn critical information that could help save a life.

  • First Aid Course. Our First Aid instructors will explain the basic first aid principles and train your employees on how to recognize and respond to medical emergencies. We will teach your staff specific steps for treating injuries.
  • CPR Class. Our instructors will teach articipants about basic CPR through hands-on approach. To ensure students learn CPR, we implement a 1:1 student to mannequin ratio through realistic case-based scenarios.
  • Self-Guiding First Aid and CPR Program. Cost-effective and time-efficient, this program is the perfect alternative for those whose schedules might be too tight to permit lengthy lectures and expensive instructors.

Thorough yet minimal in technical jargons, our step-by-step First Aid and CPR lessons also include a helpful refresher section. To test if the student learned from the lessons discussed, a brief quiz is provided.

We provide federally-recognized training and issue certifications of completion.

Platforms for First Aid Training Programs

Included in the topics to be discussed are as follows:

  • Signs and symptoms of a heart attack
  • Information on healthy heart living
  • Techniques for performing adult CPR
  • Basic injuries awareness (e.g., bleeding control, burns, shock, poisoning, hot and cold extremes, fractures, seizures, diabetic emergencies, insect bites, etc.)
  • What to do in case of emergency
  • Blood-borne pathogens (risks and awareness)
  • Blood-borne pathogens in the workplace
  • Automated External Defibrillator

There will also be practical (hands-on) testing and video presentations.

First Aid and CPR Lesson Topics

If you are an employer and seeking to provide first aid training that meets the requirements of OSHA Compliance, you can choose from a variety of safety training courses in both on-site and online formats from PCS Consultants, Inc.

  • On-Site Safety Training. We have highly-experienced and certified first aid instructors who will train your employees at your site. We offer First Aid and CPR program.
  • Online Safety Training. We can give you access to our rich library of training courses on topics that fits your compliance requirements.

We can provide you with customizable training based on your circumstances. If your employees work on multiple shifts, facilities and locations, simply let us know so we can adjust our training.

First Aid Training that meets OSHA Compliance

As an employer who cares so much for your employees, it is a must to provide them with proper first aid training that meets OSHA Compliance requirements.

Not only it is vital for the health of your organization, considering safety in the working environment of your employees is good business sense.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • 13% of workplace deaths are from sudden cardiac arrest
  • 25% of all emergency room visits could be avoided only if people knew basic first aid and CPR.

So is it a waste of money then for organizations to invest in first aid training? There is an undeniable benefit that your company can derive out of reducing health costs by $3.84, and lower absenteeism costs by $5.82.

Are you looking for First Aid and CPR Training? Keep in touch with us.

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